Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday June 1, 2015

Cephalonea from our room

Okay, so I admit my choice of clothing today was a little off! You see I bought these jeans in Malta and they had to get hemmed. Yesterday they came back from the tailor so naturally today I had to wear them. Never mind the fact that we are in Greece nor even the fact that I have an aforementioned thermal regulatory problem. You see the jeans are really nice and new and they look good on me so jeans it was!

Our ship in port this morning 

Well, I needn't tell you the inevitable result of such a tragically misguided wardrobe decision but I am going to anyway -- severe overheating followed by nasty sweat stains on my back and boobage area (very low class) that refused to go away no matter how long we "rested" on a bench "enjoying" the ever so slight breeze. Actually, it wasn't really even that hot today (mid seventies), it's just that those pants are stifling! Oh and the humidity was pretty high as well.

Bench where I "rested" (in other words --waited until I stopped sweating like a pig!)

So, as you heard, we are in Greece. Cephalonea to be precise though there seems to be some disagreement as to how the town should be spelled (also Kefalonia and several variations in between the two). We had been led to believe by KK (no joke) our "destination specialist" that this town wasn't much. I don't know whether she was trying to sell excursions out of the town or whether she really just didn't have a good experience in the town but we (and others) found the town not half bad. Sure it consisted mostly of modern buildings owing to a previous earthquake that devastated the town but there was a waterfront complete with walkway,  fishermen selling their stock right out of the boat and sea turtles. Also there was  lots of shopping plus two Greek Orthodox churches. All in all, it made for a pleasant stroll and an interesting stop.

Sea turtle

Greek Orthodox Church 

Now that's a lot of Bougainville! Look closely and you can see my boob sweat! 

Here's a Greek yogurt store in Greece! Ha!

Yesterday was an "at sea" day. Russell  and I were treated to a very special tour of the boat's cooking and food preparation/storage areas. Russell went on the standard tour of the kitchen that is given at the start of most cruises. The tour was quite perfunctory (as it had to be given the large number of tour participants) and Russell was disappointed with the experience. So, he asked the concierge if she might be able to organize a more in depth tour for him. Bee-tah (I am spelling his name phonetically because I am unsure of the proper spelling) -- our boat's Executive Chef -- took forty five minutes from his busy schedule to show us (I tagged along this time) the cold station, the room service station, the butcher shop, dish washing areas, walk-in refrigerators, etc. Every place we went was absolutely spic-and-span, so clean and well organized that it looked positively effortless. We even got to see the staff dining room and officers' mess area. It was a most interesting tour and super nice of him to have spent so much time with us.

Russell with Executive Chef Bee-tah (sp?)

Storage rooms

Bread dough

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