Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday June 10, 2015

Excavation continues at Olympia, Greece

Not feeling well this evening. I seem to have picked up a cold somewhere along the way and now I am sore, headache-y, sneeze-y, drip-y and just plain tired.

Ruins at Olympia, Greece

We had a good day though. We are back in Greece and we visited Olympia today which I am sure you will not be surprised to discover is the home of the Olympic Games. We had a enthusiastic tour guide, the weather was fine and the ruins are located in a scenic spot. It was good to have a guide explain to us what we were seeing. Even so I am afraid my imagination was failing me today and mostly it looked like a lot of ... well ... ruins to me.

Guide showing us where Olympic flame is started with a magnifying glass and sunlight before it is transported to host city

Original Olympic stadium -- a natural bowl, it seated 40,000 spectators

Back at the ship I took a long nap and did some needlepoint and reading -- basically took it easy as I am trying to avoid having the cold get any worse because we've got some great sights coming up and I would hate to miss any of them.

Archeological museum at Olympia (by the time we got here today I was really fading fast)

P.S.--Yesterday was spent at sea. We rented a cabana for the day and enjoyed privacy and needlepointing al fresco without being interrupted by curious but well-meaning fellow cruisers. Dinner was at a speciality restaurant on board. The food was good but at this point I am getting so sick of eating I am not sure anything could impress me.

Private cabana that we rented for a day of uninterrupted needlepointing 

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