Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 winter RV trip - San Carlos

Wow!  Very beautiful area and super terrific RV park 1 block off beach, walking distance to everything in town. Lots of restaurants and interesting shopping. Today we are taking it easy from our easy drive through Hermisillo. So much easier to go with a group and just follow the caravan leader. Feel safe we even had our own escort of Green Angels who are state employees in trucks that help people along the toll roads who have trouble with their vehicles. So far we are all doing okay with that but nice to have them bringing up the rear. 
We are here for 4 nights and have a welcome dinner with all the other caravaners tonight. 
Before we left Delaware we had our water guy Chris Powell Pump and Well install a super duper water system in Butch Betty. We actually can make purified water which use for showering and sinks and also Reverse Osmosis water for drinking, our netti pots and my CPAP system. What a luxury to have consistent clean water!  
Later we will go for a bike ride on our foldable Brompton bikes but for now relaxing and needlepointing. Lulu is asleep on her temperpedic dog bed behind Stephen. 

Finally arrived in Mexico winter 2014

I know it has been a week or almost two since our last posting. We have been having problems with the trucks' coolant reservoir and have been limping across the southern part of the USA stopping at several ford dealers. Just when we think they have it solved we end up needing to add more coolant. We have decided to bring 8 gallons into mexico and cross our fingers that we have enough. So now you understand the lack of communication - frustration!
We crossed the border today and got through all the check points without too many issues. 
The other caravaners all seem very nice and we look forward to getting to know them. 
I shouldn't say but today's high in Hermisillo was 84. Magnificent dry sunny weather here. 
I will try to stay on top of the blog. 
See below all our new caravan friends

Atlanta Georgia with the Sam and family

Well we definitely intruded on the Paglioni's. They have gone above and beyond to include us with their family. We had a delicious dinner at Wisteria's in downtown Atlanta and then a performance of the Christmas Carol at the Alliance Theater.  It has been raining cats and dogs for 24 hours. At least 2-3 inches. We are so happy to have spent time in their home rather then cramped in Butch Betty