Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday June 18, 2015

I just lost a long post that I spent over an hour writing so here is the Reader's Digest condensed version:

Naples today

Spent the day "Cooking with Francesca"
Francesca (center) is a food blogger. She was assisted by her friend Valentina (at right).

First to market together 

Menu: Buffala mozzarella with local grape-type tomatoes and basil, 

Then hand made pasta with Amatriciana sauce and Pecorino Romano, 

Followed by Pork sausage 

with sautéed green peppers and
the aforementioned tomatoes, 

Dessert = tiramisu 

Tiramisu surprisingly easy to make and quite tasty -- must use organic eggs and cold

Pasta also surprisingly easy to make -- dough hook with Kitchen Aid then knead by hand with heel of palm, let rest before rolling out)

Amatriciana sauce made with guanciale (pork cheek) and sautéed tomatoes only -- wonderful flavor from guanciale 

Did you know that Italians actually don't eat that much garlic? They use it to flavor items and then remove and discard -- a misconception 

Sausage also delicious (do not poke -- releases flavor and makes them dry out)

Lunch conversation = husbands, children, families, Naples, Obama, food (of course)

After lunch Valentina brings us to where we can find our way back to the ship
On board by three o'clock 
Time to pack
Jettison clothes that no longer fit (yes I have gotten bigger again -- watch out all you full figured gals out there because here I come!)
Still hard to get everything packed but we managed
No word from car service -- will they show tomorrow?
Dinner with Ben and Jürgen 
Goodbyes all around

Best dining room attendants ever! Heru and Eko at Table 18

Sad to go but ready for next adventure 

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  1. Heru and Eko look so sweet! I'm sure that your car service will show up and that all will be well. And your adventure will continue. I'm off to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival w/my parents. We drive up to Ashland on Wednesday morning, in time for an 8pm play. Then two plays on Thursday. On Friday we head to Mt Lassen and on Saturday morning home. That's just the right amount of time to spend w/my charming parents - any more than that and I revert to a very grouchy 15 year old (not fun for anyone).

    Lots of love!