Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday June 6, 2015

We had to tender from the boat to the island

Just a quick note and a few pics to let you know that we are doing well and still very much enjoying ourselves on the coast of Croatia. Yesterday we visited Korcula Island. It's a lovely but small place. The highlight of our visit was no doubt the meal we shared underneath a pine tree at the water's edge. With a soft breeze, perfect temperature, beautiful green-blue water and a view to distant mountains it was truly a special spot and a memorable experience.

Lunch spot

Note fan -- without which I shall not travel again!

Today we visited Split, Croatia. This is a much bigger town than Korcula or Kotor. Its major attraction is Diocletian's Palace. In the third century A.D. Diocletian had built a retirement palace near his hometown in Croatia. The palace complex was quite large, several acres I would guess. Eventually the area was abandoned before being re-inhabited as a town during the Middle Ages. It is quite interesting to see the remains of the palace and how these bits and pieces were incorporated into the medieval as well as contemporary city. We did a lot of walking today around the old town and out to a park along the water's edge that turned out to be nothing special.

Bell tower -- Split, Croatia 

Diocletian's palace

Apparently Santa is doing some touring during his time off 

We had a lovely lunch with a couple from north Florida, Betty and Theo (retired college professors). At dinner, we shared our table with Ben (a butcher) and Jürgen (a banker), a couple from Germany that we met eating lunch by the pool the other day. Russell is very good about asking people to dine with us at our table for four. Me? I would probably just eat every meal only with him and go through the whole cruise never meeting a single soul. Russell doesn't let that happen though and it's a good thing too as I almost always enjoy myself despite groaning and complaining beforehand. Tonight was no exception. Ben and Jürgen were lovely dinner mates and now presto we know a couple in Germany just like that.

Ben and Jürgen 

The coast of Croatia this afternoon as we sailed toward Venice, our next stop.

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