Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday May 17, 2015

Well, we are back on board for cruise number two. And for all of you out there who bet that we wouldn't be able to do the inside cabin/no window thing you were right! We upgraded our room at the last minute and believe me I am not sorry that we did. Thirty three nights is a long time with no window and 168 sq ft. I had hoped that we could pull it off but as so often happens with me I overestimated myself. 

Better room. No we have not started drinking. The champagne went back.

As it turns out, the ship is rather tired (though you can't tell that from these photos). It's definitely in need of a make-over so I suspect that the smaller room on the lower floor would have been rather more depressing than I could handle. And, having a nice place to come home to is important to me. It will make the trip easier and anything that will make the trip easier is much appreciated.

Jugs at right are distilled water for C-PAP machine and nasal irrigation. You asked.

That's not to say we are not having a great time because we are! But it's work. I know "Cry me a river"! I get it -- believe me I do -- I am incredibly lucky to be doing this trip at all and I've absolutely no right to complain -- ever -- about anything. So, let's not consider this a complaint, let's just call it an observation. I am tired. R is tired. That's all. We are happy. Life is good. We just need a bit of a rest after our week in Barcelona running here and there, doing all sorts of fabulous things, having incredible experiences, not working, not taking care of children or pets or yards or or or -- look I told you I get it.

Potential needlepoint-ing spots

What can I say? I wish I was Rick Steves with no bags to check, a "make it happen" attitude and a desire to learn all the local languages but I am not. The phrase books sit unused, the luggage keeps adding up and mostly I am happy to just "watch it happen". As I said in an earlier post, I wish I was more spiritually advanced than I am. But as Popeye says "I am what I am" and for me accepting my limits is important to successful travel.

Our route


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself there Stephen, traveling is hard work & traveling as/with 'tourists' is even harder!! Personally I'm happy you upgraded. You need the space to confortably document the next ships /passengers ongoing shenanigans! Happy Days ��

  2. I agree - having a windowless room for a 33-day trip would be really hard! Sounds like you guys had a very activity-filled time in Barcelona and that is tiring. The ship's route sounds really interesting!

  3. Have been following your adventure. The blog is great!