Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday May 2, 2015

So, I just had lunch and the damnedest thing happened. I had gotten a plate full of Indian food (because after much experimentation I have discovered it is the best lunch option) and also two slices of French bread (for wiping the plate clean) and I move the bread to the side because it's getting curry sauce on it (I don't like my food to mix with one another) and no sooner have I done this than a big wind blows the bread into my white shirt and gets curry sauce on it. What are the chances? I swear if it is physically possible for one to get a stain it will happen to me. And of course this is the first time I have worn this particular shirt and not being near home it is unlikely I will be able to get the stain out but you never know. Maybe I'll get lucky.

Better weather today. Yeah!

I have often wondered what lesson I am supposed to learn from stains on clothing. I assume that it has something to do with detachment/attachment in the zen way of thinking. I mustn't be attached to a perfectly white shirt. I must learn to accept the soiled aspect of life. "Nothing gold can stay" and all that. Of course I could just as easily conclude that the lesson from today's stain is always to eat Indian food with your back to the wind! 

Le stain de jour 

Before I go any further about stains on clothing, Russell tells me that I should tell readers of this blog that the reason I am talking about loud pants, charge cards and stained clothing is because we are in the middle of the ocean with very little to report on. He's right of course but I don't have the heart to tell him that I am likely to write about this same level of stupid stuff even in the middle of the Greek isles! 

Seriously though I promise we will get to some sights soon! Day after tomorrow we will be in the Azores. Then a couple days at sea and Lisbon.

But right now, let's get back to stains. Is there anything profound to be said about stains? Is there anything useful to come out of stains? What is a stain but unwanted color? Evidence of previous activity. Impurity. A stain equals a scarlet letter. A mark, a brand. Evidence of uncleanliness. It represents a lack of control. History. Also, a failure to prepare, to anticipate --slovenliness. 

Having said all that let me also say that I am not prepared to do the things necessary to live a stain-free life (as if such a life was even possible). The point is in order to avoid stains one would have to: a.) avoid all food that might possibly stain (coffee, tomato sauce -- (my God even pizza) -- red wine, chocolate, etc) b.) only wear clothing where a stain won't stick (e.g., Teflon coated (thus v. likely ridiculously hot thus causing other unpleasant problems) or c.) only wear clothing clothing where a stain won't show (that is clothing that is the same color as the stain (v. difficult to anticipate) or patterned, stain-colored camouflage type clothing (which v. likely would be hideously ugly, hard to find and also pretty boring after awhile). So, since I am unwilling to do any of these things, or to wrap myself from head to toe in napkins before every meal and since I tend to pay more attention to the people I am eating with than the potential staining hazard of the food I am consuming  -- stains, to use a biblical phrase, I shall always have with me. The good news though is that with the loud pants that I have been wearing nobody is looking at my stains. 😆
Today's pants


  1. Food stains = enjoyment! And you can buy a lovely new white shirt anywhere....

  2. Do not stop the commentary - you have no idea how much enjoyment or should I say hilarity the past 3 posts have been! This is what I'm talking about over dull travel posts. Old ruins are just that until it's had The 'Janick Spin' or as I like to call it 'Janicked' - I have been forwarding your posts to friends who are thoroughly enjoying 'your voice' - please find the real stories on your adventures!

  3. I wish my husband cared about getting stains on his shirt! I googled it. Soak it in hydrogen peroxide & water for at least 2 hours if it is color-fast, non-bleach able fabric. You could get that from the doctaors/nurses station. Chlorine bleach for white, bleach able fabric. I bet your room attended can get some from the washing area. And, borax for dry clean fabric but may be harder to find on the ship.
    I hope your weather continues to improve. And, godspeed - I hope you get to land soon! I'm not keen on cruises & feel your pain!