Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday May 10, 2015

Alicante, Spain

Not the prettiest port.

Very residential city.

Punctuated by green spaces.

Somehow we got stuck on the "limited mobility" bus. Six people with canes, one in a wheelchair, one with a Lark ("I can go anywhere with my Lark") 
... I could go on but you get the point. Russell decided that rather than get frustrated with the situation he would help fellow tour goers put on their headsets so that they could listen to the now frazzled and overwhelmed (42 people in the group) tour leader. "My ear phone won't stay in." "Is she talking? I can't hear her?" "Where's the volume?" And so on.

We toured a public park in Elche (a neighboring town to Alicante). The park was nicely landscaped but was also in use by the locals for a bike race complete with pulsating music (at ten thirty in the morning) and closed access roads. Lots of palms plus water features.

Basilica in Elche. Incorporated remains of original town wall and was built on top of pre-existing mosque.

More First Communion celebrants -- 'Tis the season.

They've automated votive candles! The "candle" is an electric light and I assume it turns off after a period of time and can be sold over and over. No comment.

Second detective agency we've seen in two days! Apparently Sam Spade has retired to the Costa del Sol.

More palm trees and water features at second stop -- the Priests' Garden -- not sure about the name

It was a lot of palms for one day!

Spent afternoon needle pointing, working out and mentally/emotionally/literally saying "farewell" to the ship and the people we've met on board. It's been an enjoyable cruise. The voyage was not as rough as we had thought it would be in terms of waves and rocking/rolling on board the ship. Seven days in a row at sea is however a long time. 

Getting anxious about our arrival in Barcelona tomorrow and transfer to hotel. The hotel is a Rick Steves' recommendation. I have a feeling it will be rather modest but we shall see. Also worried about how R and I will handle travel on our own for the next week.

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