Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday May 1, 2015

I've been wearing some bright pants on this cruise. In fact it seems that nearly every pair of pants I've brought with me are bright. For example:

What's the problem? Well I am not sure I have the confidence to carry off these pants. I mean they've been getting me some looks and I am not sure I like that. Of course if I saw someone with my pants on for sure I would look and probably even comment to Russell about them too. I am just not used to deliberately placing myself on the receiving end of looks and comments. I like to be noticed of course but am not too fond of or used to bemused looks and whispered comments. (Listen to me, like I am the center of everyone's attention on this boat!)

There is something about loud clothing that seems sort of juvenile to me. "Look at me! Look at me!" -- that is what people with blue hair and mohawks (and loud clothing) seem to me to be saying. On the other hand there is a part of me that admires the people who do these things also. It seems courageous to me to do something so out of the ordinary and something that will obviously make one stand out and thus a possible target for ridicule. So which is it? Corageous or immature? Probably both (or neither). When I think about the alternative to bright pants -- always wearing  conservative, appropriate and safe clothing -- I have to say I prefer the bright pants. It's good to wear bright pants sometimes and it's good for me to feel uncomfortable doing so because it means I am stretching myself, pushing the boundaries of my box. If I wanted to stretch the meaning of wearing bright pants even further I would say that wearing them and feeling uncomfortable shows that I am still alive and growing and isn't that a good thing? Of course that's probably taking one's clothing a little bit further than really they ought to go. I mean they are just pants and it is just me on this little boat in this big ocean on this small planet in this huge universe.

The punk weather continues 

Speaking of the boat, our journey is progressing nicely. This morning at one a.m. we passed the half way mark in our voyage across the North Atlantic. We still have two days before the Azores. Tonight we are having dinner with Rob and Nancy from Miami 

who we met from around the ship. Last night we chatted with a few other couples at dinner time so slowly we are meeting some people. Still haven't made it to any activities but thought about it. Would have gone to a tour of the cooking facilities this morning but overslept. Still having a little trouble adjusting to time changes. 

The weather continues to be spring-like (i.e., not great). Gray skies, gray water. We did have warmer temps today and a couple brief peaks of sunshine but it is definitely not shorts weather. I guess I will just have to wear some more bright pants tomorrow!
View from my balcony as I write this afternoon 

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  1. You can absolutely pull off those pants - no problem. Do you think that I'm related to Nancy and Rob - they do look like some of my relatives...

    Some Denmark info - BROR restaurant (a Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand), Louisiana art museum and, of course, Kronborg Castle at Elsinore (or Helsingør in Danish) where we had a lovely little snack at the nearby visitor's center cafe...