Sunday, January 31, 2016

Photos of Cook Island Excitement

Gala evening with London theme (thus the umbrella and bowler hat)
The doomed channel before coral-gate
Our tour leader
Mary, one of the tour participants, agreed to have a paste of this stuff applied to her hair (it's supposed to make your hair grow)
But it smells god-awful
The "heart" of King Kehmehahmeha (sp?)
Mary's hair post-treatment! Only kidding. She brushed it later and it looked lovely. She is a beautiful woman and a good sport too!
Mrs. "Pa" with a couple of her paintings 
The stranded tender
Captain and crew wading out
Passengers making their way ashore
Rescuing the boat
The "survivors"
Boat drained water for a good twenty plus minutes
We've been watching this gal -- she has this same outfit in a myriad of colors. The hat is a new touch though.
Presentation on Maori culture in advance of our visit to New Zealand 
Two heads are better than one!

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