Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fuerte Amador, Panama

Sunday January 10, 2016

Today we transited the Panama Canal. We are now in the Pacific Ocean, at anchor near the entrance to the canal from the west. This was our third time visiting the Panama Canal. We transited the canal once before and we entered the canal but then turned around and went out the same way we came in once before.

Approaching first set of locks
Getting closer -- that is the Zuiderdam already in the locks -- we sailed on that ship in the Mediterranean this summer
Not too much competition for a position at the rail

We had to get up early to witness the first set of locks. Fortunately, the number of people on board this ship for whom this was their first transit of the canal was probably less than fifty percent so that made it easier to find a good viewing point in one of the public areas.
Canal administration building
Second set of locks
Panamanians and tourists waving and cheering as we went through another set of locks

The weather was hot and steamy though as it always seems to be in Panama. We pretty quickly retreated to have breakfast in the air conditioning. After breakfast, we found a good new spot to needlepoint. It was in the Explorations CafĂ© which is the coffee shop/game room/computer area/library of the ship. We found two Eames chairs with ottomans right by the window and we planted ourselves there for the morning. It was a fairly public spot so there was definitely more “And what are you working on?” for my taste but R was in his element.

Headed toward the Pacific
Digging the new canal

After lunch we did the usual – I worked out, R watched a movie and then we met up and went to a lecture on the history of banquets and banqueting at three pm. The woman who has been giving these food history lectures is getting off the ship tomorrow so I will be curious to see what/who replaces her. Later we sat outside on our veranda and needlepointed but eventually it started to rain so we went in and got ready for dinner.

Today's needlepoint spot

At dinner tonight everyone was given a Panama hat and Russell and I had a beautiful spot for watching the setting of the sun over the Pacific. It wasn’t the most spectacular sunset ever as there were thick clouds obscuring our view of the actual setting sun but I still enjoyed the sun’s pink reflection off the gray-blue clouds. We finished the day with a visit to the GLBT group up in the “Crow’s Nest” but decided to skip this evening’s entertainment -- a harpsichordist.

Frank Gehry designed museum
View of Panama City from our boat this evening 

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  1. How did Russell let that other guy get the 2nd Eames chair?? Explorations Cafe would be my choice for doing needlepoint. More activity. You do have your lovely Rittenhouse postcards at the ready don't you?

    Had been looking forward to your photos of the Panama Canal. Always wanted to go through it. Met a man one time who was sailing from the Virgin Island to New Zealand in a sailing yacht that he planned to work as a charter there. He had spent days with maps and drawings figuring out how he would tie his little boat to a larger ship in order to go through the locks.