Friday, January 8, 2016

Nearly There

Friday January 8, 2016

Just a quick entry tonight. Another day at sea. We went to a bridge lesson at nine and then a lecture on the Panama Canal. Both were pretty basic but I learned something at each.

Map of our location 

After lunch I worked out. Today I was able to use the rowing machine which I am sure is a great relief to you. At three we went to a lecture on the history of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Again, interesting but basic.

Bridge lesson

Bingo was at four o’clock. I am not ashamed to admit that I like bingo. I did not however bring my own dabber with me (a special bingo accessory that facilitates the rapid marking of multiple cards) as some of the others did. Surprisingly not enough people showed up to play and so it was cancelled.

Panama Canal lecture

Remember how I said that I thought we had come up with a good system for picking our dinner entrees? Well, we forgot to select them by noon today so we ended up eating in the cafeteria which was fine. A nice change of pace from the slow, multi-course, waiters in white jackets, assistant maĆ®tre d’s checking on you production that eating in the dining room is.

View from veranda this afternoon (those are Russell's feet and his needlepoint project which he is just flying through!)

The evening was spent watching “The Italian Job” (Russell)/writing and reading (me) and getting ready for our first foray off the ship tomorrow.

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  1. This is great! I love knowing about your travels. Never been on a cruise ship myself but now feel like I have a chance to experience it. Love your descriptions of life on the ship. Very funny and wonderfully written, Stephen. Am already getting to know your cast of characters. This should help get me through the winter. Enjoy the photos too. Thanks. Keep it up! Never "blogged" before so let me know if I'm just not quite getting it. - Susan D'Alessio