Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday July 19, 2015

Went for a delightful walk by an alpine lake this afternoon. Would never have found the place were it not for Vera, our Untours local contact. She drove us and even gave us a brief tour of our "home town" -- Kuchl, Austria when the hike was over.

The site of our hike this afternoon

Yesterday and the day before we toured Salzburg. Took a local train from Kuchl to the main train station and walked to the older part of town. We visited the Salzburg Cathedral, St. Peter's Church (and cemetery), the catacombs, Mozart's birthplace and Mozart's residence. On Friday the town was not nearly as crowded as it was on Saturday which was apparently the first day of the Salzburg Festival.

I am pretty sure Mozart was not this big
View from the catacombs 

Russell and I have been taking it relatively easy here in Austria. We've gotten up at around 8:00 am, had breakfast and done a little needlepoint before leaving the apartment at 10:00 or so. Then we've spent six hours sightseeing before returning to the apartment at four or so. Mostly we've eaten here at the apartment (though we have enjoyed Wiener schnitzel and apple strudel too) and spent our evenings watching TV, needle pointing and reading. This combination of "normal" life with some sightseeing seems to be working well for us. Staying at apartments has allowed us to do this and for the most part having the rail passes has provided us with sufficient mobility though Russell does miss driving. So far so good though. 

I love these bonnet-topped church towers they have here
Salzburg cathedral 
Note castle at top of hill 

Tomorrow we are thinking we will head to the town of Linz or perhaps we will make another visit to Salzburg and then later in the week we are off to Prague where we will have some more serious sightseeing to do.

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