Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday September 16, 2015

It's been an exciting 24 hours here on the Eurodam. Last night after I published the blog, the ship's captain announced that the Northern Lights were visible from the starboard (our) side of the ship. So, Russell and I quickly went out on our balcony and there before us was indeed the Northern Lights, stretching from one end of the ocean all the way to the other end. Russell quickly got the camera and began taking pictures. It was a great show. We had seen the Northern Lights the other night but it was very faint and brief so I figured it didn't really count. This time we watched for a good half hour plus.

The photos that Russell took turned out terrific. In some ways they are even better than the real thing (the color green was much more subtle in real life) and in some ways not as good as the real thing because a still image can't  convey how the lights were shifting and pulsating, constantly changing. It was a very special experience and we were lucky to be "In the right place, at the right time". Frankly, I didn't even think that we would be able to see the Northern Lights on this trip because I thought they only appeared in the winter and although it's been very cold here (high today = 43 degrees) I am pretty sure it's not yet winter.

Speaking of things I didn't expect to see, this morning Russell and I were up in time to see the sunrise and what a spectacular sunrise it was too. The only reason I was awake in time for the 6:20 a.m. event was because as I mentioned yesterday we've been moving our clocks back as we head west and obviously my body's clock has yet to adjust. 

We had another pleasant surprise today in terms of the scenery. Today was described on the itinerary for this trip as a day of "Scenic cruising -- Prins Christian Sund". Both Russell and I figured "scenic cruising" was just advertising-speak for another "day at sea". How wrong we were! This Prince Christian Sound is absolutely stunning. It's a narrow fjord that cuts through the southern part of Greenland allowing one to get up close and personal with several glaciers, icebergs and six thousand feet rock mountains. Unbelievable. We also saw icebergs calving (separating) from their glaciers complete with a big splash of water and a deep rumble. And I saw a Minke Whale. We never did see a seal but we saw a couple those the other day.

The whole day was a great surprise. My expectations for Greenland were rather low. I figured that there couldn't be much to see in Greenland because you don't hear about it and nobody goes there. We are going to be here for two more days so we shall see whether the scenery stays good but man oh man so far, so good. Enjoy the pics.


  1. Wow - really beautiful. So glad that you got to see the northern lights - we weren't able to see them on our two trips to Iceland and while I'm a bit jealous, at least I got to see Russell's lovely pictures. :-)

  2. Always wanted to see the Northern Lights! Someday. Great pictures.

  3. Always wanted to see the Northern Lights! Someday. Great pictures.

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