Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday September 12, 2015

Nice quiet day today, cruising the coast of Iceland. We are headed around the island, counter-clockwise and will enter the Arctic Circle (briefly). The weather is as you might have guessed cool (low fifties) and foggy. Good needlepoint weather. Also, good weather to attend a couple of lectures offered by the ship on upcoming destinations.

Capital city home
Also in capital city

Yesterday we visited the Faroe Islands. These islands (I think they said that there are something like eighty of them) are further north and west of the Shetland Islands. Similar landscape in that it is green (very), rocky, and no trees. I would say however that the Faroe Islands have a more dramatic landscape with ridges, cliffs, hills and valleys. Also it would seem, based on my limited experience, that the Faroe Islands have a larger area and population than the Shetland Islands.

On the way to Vagar Island 

Rings in water are a salmon fishery -- big business here

We had a late morning bus trip that took us from the capital city, Torshavn, to the island of Vagar. There wasn't a whole lot to see on Vagar aside from a couple of small communities but it was great to get away from the port area and explore the country a bit. Never could figure out whether Faroe Islands are their own country or whether they are a protectorate of Denmark (or both).

Icelandic ponies
Poor R has to take pictures of himself because I don't stop when he does!

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking as I haven't anything too insightful to say. I will say that despite what you see in the photos yesterday's weather was a fine summer day according to our local guide. Russell asked me, "Can you imagine living in a place where it rains 285 days a year and where the temperature doesn't often go below 40 or above sixty?" My answer -- "Absolutely not!" It certainly is an odd prescription for happiness but if that sounds like Nirvana to you then check out the Faroe Islands. I warn you though houses are not cheap. I think our guide said the average house price was around three hundred thousand dollars for 2000 sq ft.

Our boat is in middle ground 
Small town living Faroe Island-style
Probably more of these than people though they didn't say that

Oh, and one other thing. Apparently the cruise company won't be stopping in the Faroe Islands next year. Apparently the locals are committed to hunting Wright(sp?)Whales (anywhere from 300 to one thousand per year). They say that the hunt is part of their heritage but it's attracting protests and the cruise company wants none of that. Too bad because it's an interesting place and I sincerely doubt the whale meat is needed for survival any longer.

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  1. The scenery in the Faroe Islands reminds me quite a bit of Iceland, actually. Hope you're enjoying your trip home!