Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday August 3, 2015

Just checking in to let you know we are doing fine. Still in Prague. We leave on Wednesday morning. We've been taking it easy these last few days. Needlepoint, reading, TV watching, one meal a day out -- nothing too taxing.

Dinner spot on the water
Concert venue 

On Saturday night we met Alena, our Untours local contact, for dinner. She chose a lovely restaurant on the river that was very atmospheric and not a place we would have found on our own. After dinner we went to an organ/vocal recital in a local church. That was also very nice. Of course when it was over it was dark out so we chose to walk across the Charles Bridge and Russell managed to take some great photographs. 

Prague Castle at night from Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge statue 
St. Vitus Cathedral

Today we went downtown to have lunch at our favorite cafe. We both had the schnitzel with Viennese potato salad and it was very good. After lunch, we walked around looking for a couple of things (a bookstore, some crystal) and not finding much of anything at all. Still, we navigated like pros. Finding our way here, there and back home again. Its a shame that when you start to get good at finding your way around then its time to shove off again.

Favorite cafe
Neat street performer today (he's balancing a broom on top of his head)
Current needlepoint project (I've only finished the roof section upper right)

Not feeling terribly clever or funny this evening so I'll cut it short and let the pictures do the talking.

Special Apartment Feature(s) of the Last Two Days

I've heard of camouflage clothing but never camouflage flooring!
Looks like this year's Easter decoration was an Olympic champion!

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