Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday August 21, 2015

Did a food tour of Copenhagen on Thursday. It was a friendly but large group. Probably the highlight of the tour was the open face sandwiches which are a speciality of Denmark. We also stopped at a cheese vendor, candy store, hot dog vendor amongst other places. 

Food tour group
Delicious open face sandwiches 
Making candy by hand daily for over 100 years!

Also met with the Halberstadts, a wonderful couple we met on an RV tour to Newfoundland. They live in Delaware (not far from our house) and just happened to be in Copenhagen at the same time we are. Small world. Lots of walking on Thursday though -- so much so that I ended up with a big blister despite taking a taxi home at the end of the day.

Not their jewelry store but same name

Today I woke up and wasn't feeling well. Actually, I had not felt well yesterday either. Scratchy throat, generally sore. You know the routine. Took decongestant  and laid low today.

Lots of bikes!

Russell prepared an absolutely fantastic lunch and an even better dinner today. He certainly can do wonders even with a "borrowed" kitchen and ingredients in the "wrong" language. Pretty talented guy.

We also watched a couple of interesting documentaries on Netflix today. One was on Aaron Schwartz, an Internet activist ("The Internet's Own Boy) and another was on the "Kids for Cash" scandal in Lucerne County, PA. (title = Kids for Cash). Interesting films. I recommend them. I also started reading Daniel Deronda by George Eliot today. Am enjoying the change of pace from a biography of Hitler I have been reading.

Guess which apartment is ours?
Yup this one!

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