Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ready to Go

Bags are packed and we are nearly ready to go on our European adventure. Here's Russell trying to figure out just how it is all going to fit!
First thing to go in the bag? Needlepoint, of course.

 I've got some butterflies in my stomach as I contemplate the road ahead. Fortunately we've got our trusty binders to aid us. These two massive volumes include all the e-mails, receipts, confirmations, information regarding destinations, etc. for the whole trip. They are so big we've dedicated nearly an entire suitcase just to them.
I wonder what the airport security people will make of a carry-on suitcase filled with just two binders and some phrase books/guide books. I suppose I should  be more concerned with how much the airline is going to charge us for the two sixty plus pound bags we will be checking. Glad tomorrow is one of just two airplane flights we will be taking (the other will be from Rome to Zurich). 

I am a little nervous about how R & I will fare with so much time together and in the tiny cabins on the ships that we will be taking. Of course there are few people who have traveled as much as the two of us and we've done the majority of it in accommodations of less than 200 square feet so we've probably got all the preparatory experience needed.

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