Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday April 24, 2015

Well, that was quite the flight! As Russell says "flying just isn't fun anymore". That certainly is true. The check in process was protracted as we needed to check our two massive bags. They weighed 70 and 72 pounds respectively and cost us --brace yourself--$400 to check!! Gulp, yikes and phewy! That's fifty dollars for each bag checked (already pretty steep if you ask me) then $100 for an overweight bag and $200 for a bag over 70 lbs. what a rip off. This was after we had paid $26 each for priority boarding -- can you imagine paying for that? Who knew? Anyhow all the additional charges meant that we paid more for our bags to make the flight than for seats for ourselves!

As we waited for the plane I of course was asking myself why the heck we were doing this -- going away for so long, leaving friends and family and the business. What are we crazy? We should just turn around right now and go home. Pretend this never happened. Then of course I would take a breath and do a few more stitches.

The flight was of course totally full (where do all these people come from?) and the guy sitting next to me had a big bag of M & M's that he would open and help himself to every so often sending the scent of chocolate my way but never offering either Russell or myself a single candy! Imagine. 

Fortunately we had a strong tailwind and made the flight in record time. The driver was waiting for us at the airport, the bags came out quickly and the 95 wasn't backed up. Dinner was salad, hamburgers and baked potato with Howard and Phyllis. It's good to see them and we even got a chance to watch the Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer. I did like how they teased us with a come on about seeing him dressed as a woman only to tell us at the last minute that we would see that in the next post surgery interview. I feel so used!

Practicing with our new selfie stick!

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