Thursday, March 27, 2014

Denver getting RV fixed, Stephen in Pharr Texas on birding tour

After an awesome 2 month adventure in Mexico and then two glorious weeks at a rental house in northern Scottsdale for my 50th birthday Stephen and I separated, just temporarily of course. He has driven down to Pharr Texas for a birding reunion, no we have not gotten into hunting but rather viewing birds. I on the other hand drive north with the RV and lulu to Denver to get some needed maintenance on Butch Betty. This expedition vehicle is built so well that it is best to go back to the manufacturer. 
I have been here for 3 days and hope to be heading out to meet up with Stephen on Tuesday 4-5 more days. It is quite a test to be without my best friend for 10 days. I am not enjoying it at all and neither is lulu. 
Today the RV is at the ford dealer so lulu and I are out pampering ourselves with a rental car. And I got a much needed haircut. I should have taken a before picture as well with my hair down to my shoulders. 
We woke to sleet and snow quite a difference to the 80's we have had all winter in mexico. 
Talk to you soon

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