Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday April 25, 2015

Up late this morning but shared a delicious breakfast with Phyllis & R at French cafe just down the street. Hot and humid morning for needlepoint outside but needlepoint outside I did whilst enjoying the occasional breeze and the lovely view.
(The golf course fairways have all been "killed" prior to scheduled replacement this summer thus the wide brown swath in photo above). 

After a couple of hours stitching al fresco and moving my chair to stay in the shade, the four of us (Russell's mom Phyllis, her husband Howard, R & myself) got into two cars and went to visit Marge at her new place. Marge has worked for the Palmers for nearly thirty years and she moved on Friday to a nearby retirement community. Her new place is great and she seems happy there. Certainly the dog, a Javanese with a humping problem by the name of Alvin is adjusting well.

We helped unspool a carpet for her and Russell attempted to get her phone working. I say attempted because it took over an hour and three calls to Verizon before we discovered that the problem was that we had plugged the phone into the phone jack. Yes, you heard me right. The problem was that we plugged the phone into the phone jack and what she has is essentially an in-home cell phone, no cord from phone to phone jack needed (even though one was supplied in the box). Needless to say that was more than a little bit frustrating. The whole process took so long that it was no longer possible for me to go for a run and be ready for dinner at five thirty (the only time we could get a reservation for). 

Russell working on Marge's phone. 

Fortunately we still had time for an "emergency" trip to Saks Fifth Avenue where I got two fabulous bathing suits and one Robert Graham "Limited Edition" shirt because yes I am just that shallow. Howard when he heard that I needed a bathing suit suggested I stop at ... Marshall's. I said "Oh no Howard I need a fancy swim suit" and did I ever get one (two actually). What can I say? As much as I hate to admit it, I still can be that same shallow, acquisitive, status-conscious kid I was forty years ago:( But the clothes make me feel good and who is it harming really anyway? I just really appreciate the fact that Russell allows me to engage in this silly and superficial (and expensive) behavior from time to time rather than lecturing me on the value of money, the perfectly all-rightness of less expensive clothing and the need to live without status symbols. I like expensive clothing -- I can not lie. I wish I didn't. I would probably be a better person if I didn't but I suppose it's best not to read too much into these things.

So I had an opportunity to wear my special shirt tonight at dinner. We (the four of us plus Marge and Russell's brother Steve) had dinner at the Kee Grill. I had some delicious lamb chops plus a Caeser salad and too much divine bread slathered with garlic and butter. Dessert was take away from Carmine's -- a local gourmet grocery store. Phyllis made some decaf Italian Roast and R & I stitched while we all "watched television". I say "watched television" because really it is not possible to watch TV here. Entirely too much chaos, talking, distractions and activity. So, the TV is on but no one is actually watching it. It's just noise. Visual and aural noise. Of which I have had enough for one day and now will sign off.

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