Saturday, March 8, 2014

Durango and Alamos

We had a great trip to Durango via the new Mazatlan/Durango Highway. It just opened in October of last year, cuts hours off the trip between the two cities, and was quite an engineering feat.
Even LuLu got to come along for the ride. Here she is trying to take the driver's job away!
The trip from Mazatlan to Alamos was, like most drives in Mexico, a challenge. The drive culminated in a back alley entrance to the RV park.
Good thing we didn't have the bus!
Alamos is a lovely town -- pure Mexico.
Only two more days in Mexico before we return to the States for Russell's Birthday Bash. Already the weather is getting colder:(


  1. It was great to follow you through Mexico...when are you planning to be home?

  2. Fantastic trip! love the pictures!! We're waiting for you in South Africa