Sunday, March 8, 2020

Sunday March 8, 2020

Not too much to report but it’s been a couple of days so I thought I better check in. The day after we visited Needlepoint Land, we visited Needlepoint Alley in North Palm Beach. Actually, they have a “new” address (I say new in quotations because they have actually been there going on two years but it was Russell and my — I?— mine? — first visit to this location) which I guess is technically not North Palm Beach But sure is close. I know, two needlepoint stores in two days? Really guys? And this is supposed to be a vacation? Hey, what can I say? I like needlepoint! And also I was in need of a solitary skein of DMC #5 Perle cotton (color 975 if you must know or was it 949) to insure that I would have enough to complete the background on this bloody belt I’ve been working on for what feels like forever. But I digress.
The needlepoint belt project I’ve been working on for God knows how long

Of course, I couldn’t just buy one little skein of Perle cotton and Kathy, the owner, had several other items that I “needed” plus we had a real nice time visiting with her. She’s got a great shop and she’s a hard-working, business woman who has been running a successful operation in a competitive marketplace for 22 years now. If you are ever in the Palm Beach/Jupiter area be sure to visit Needlepoint Alley.

After picking up my needlepoint supplies we went to another favorite place of mine — Palm Beach Gardens Mall!! Wahooo. Oh yah! With Nordstrom’s, Saks, and Bloomingdales as anchor stores all it is missing is Nieman’s and it could be heaven. But seriously I was soooo disappointed. For one thing the place was d-e-a-d, like nobody around. And, for another thing, I couldn’t really find much that I was crazy about. Normally I have to really RESTRAIN myself but this time it was like I had to TRY. Imagine. Now, don’t cry a river for me because you know I succeeded finding some absolute pearls amidst the dross but I did let the big fish get away from me in the form of a pair of Feragamo sandals that were darn near perfect and uber classy but also obscenely expensive so shockingly reason got the best of me and I moved on. So unlike me. I hardly recognized myself.
If this picture is loading sideways do not ask me why for I know not. It is of the Palm Beach Gardens Mall (formerly?) known to me as Mecca

Russell has been cooking up some mighty tasty meals in the RV. He’s a master, what can I say? It’s amazing what you (he) can do in a limited space and he even says that to some degree it’s easier than in his big kitchen at home but of course I think this has also to do with the sorts of meals he chooses to prepare in one space as opposed to the other.
Just one of the tasty meals R has been preparing

In the evenings he usually watches his programs on the tablet using his headphones while I am stitching dutifully away on my ANG (American Needlepoint Guild) project that is when we are not otherwise engaged — eeuuuww gross did I just say that? 

The dogs have been enjoying daily trips to the dog park and they have been doing so well I must say. They don’t have a lot of experience with dog parks or other dogs in general but of course they have each other and they do have some experience with other dogs but I was somewhat concerned. I needn’t have been because today they were in the park with like thirty or forty other dogs and they did fine. It is so nice to have dogs that can be trusted around other dogs. It makes life so much easier. In the past we had one Standard who didn’t like other dogs and man was it annoying.

We took the dogs over to Russell’s mom’s new place and I am happy to report that they behaved themselves and even did a good deal of charming and impressing so that was very good. They had such a fun time frolicking on the Bermuda grass with Phyllis and Hilma (Russell’s Mom’s assistant). Russell’s brother Steve was there also and he was very impressed at how intently the dogs waited for Russell when he left the room to use the bathroom. Too funny.

Mom-mom as we sometimes call her is looking wonderful and doing well so that is truly a gift. She treated the two of us and Steve to a lovely lunch pool- and surf-side. Unfortunately, our weather here has turned a bit unsettled, windy with mostly cloudy skies and temps in the sixties. It is due to settle down and gradually warm back up though as this new week progresses.
Tigger watching basketball at Mom-Mom’s
Russell meets our friends Tom and Dina’s hairless cat

Today we had a terrific time with two friends we met several years ago while cruising the Mediterranean. They visit Philadelphia regularly and we, obviously, come down this way occasionally and so when we are in each other’s neck of the woods we make it a point to get together. They are lots of fun to be with and we always have a good time with them, today being no different. Actually, that’s not right. Today was different because we got to see their house and that’s always nice isn’t it? When you get to see someone’s house? You always feel like you have a better understanding of the person, who they are, and where they are coming from. So that was super nice that they felt comfortable enough with us to share their home. I was honored. in case you missed it the first time!
At lunch today with Tom and Dina

Ok, well once again I have rambled on way too long. I mean if you’ve made it this far God help you. I’ll check back in again real soon. Regards. S

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