Sunday, March 15, 2020

Coronatour 2020 Draws to a Close

So our Ill-fated adventure draws to a close. We’ve decided to return home what with the world seeming to melt down sound us it didn’t feel right to continue luxuriating in the sun. So we made the decision on Thursday to leave on Saturday. Now we are in north Florida with three more days of driving ahead of us before we get home.
Russell and I visited with Marge Guiberson (a family friend) and Alfie
I bought this cute project at Lycette in Palm Beach. It reminded me of grocery shopping with my mom. She would always say I could have one thing and I would usually choose animal crackers (for the box mostly!)

One of the reasons we chose to leave Florida is because the Spring Needlepoint Show which was to be the final stop on our tour was cancelled which was just as well since the Magic Kingdom where we were going to stay subsequently announced it was closing as well. Another reason for our premature departure (as if we needed another) was that our friends that we were going to visit in LaBelle, FL had announced to us a week earlier that they were leaving early and weren’t going to be able to see us. So that was a bummer but we were still going to go because we had agreed to teach a needlepoint class. But then when gatherings of more than a few people started to get cancelled we figured it was only a matter of time before that event would be cancelled too. So it was kind of a no-brainer to start the journey home.
Dinner is served
My stitching station

On our last day with Russell’s mom we had a wonderful lunch together with a beautiful view of turquoise water and swaying palms (no lie). The dogs got coiffed again and we did what we’ve managed to do a fair bit of on this trip — namely needlepoint, relax, enjoy the outdoors and the pleasant weather and being away from the store. Despite some of the difficulties we’ve encountered and there were more than either of us expected we’ve still enjoyed ourselves and our new RV and being together once again ... on the road.
Ready to go

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  1. It's just such a shame that coronavirus has disrupted our lives so much. Safe travels home.